[欧美] Danny Brown《Old》2013【FLAC无损音乐歌曲专辑网盘下载】rap歌曲

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Danny Brown《Old》2013【FLAC无损音乐歌曲专辑网盘下载】rap歌曲

Danny Brown《Old》2013【FLAC无损音乐歌曲专辑网盘下载】

Danny Brown《Old》2013【FLAC无损音乐歌曲专辑网盘下载】

歌手:         Danny Brown
发行时间:2013-10-08      发行公司:Fool’s Gold Records


《Old》是Danny Brown在2013年10月8日发行的专辑。

Danny Brown's XXX was a concept album about desperation; "If this shit don't work, nigga, I failed at life!" he wailed on the opening song. Old is a concept album about existential confusion. Danny Brown has not failed at life—he's independently successful, with a fervent fan base both inside and out of rap. Now he's got to sort out how to best continue living. It might not be as dramatic a subject as flaming out, but it's more relatable to most of us, and it's maybe no accident that it resulted in the best and most resonant album of Brown's career.
In preparing critics and fans, Brown went to great lengths to warn us not to expect another XXX—"If people are just looking for dick-sucking jokes, there isn't too many of them," he said back in January. "I listened to Old every day and thought, ‘I need to make this more entertaining," he told Pitchfork later. When I ran into him at SXSW and introduced myself, he gave me a quizzical smile: "I'm challenging ya'll with the next one," he joked, looking slightly uneasy. The irony of Old, of course, is that Danny Brown's version of a sober, measured, mature album still features plenty of lines about snorting crushed pills, throwing up in hotel sinks, and smoking so much kush you feel yourself falling off of the earth. Some things haven't changed.
The album is divided into a "Side A" and a "Side B," an act of aesthetic devotion that signals Danny Brown's unusual investment in the arcana of music fandom. Last year, he famously told a bewildered A$AP Rocky that one of his heroes was Arthur Lee before lecturing him on the merits of Forever Changes. The structure here suggests two LP sides, neatly divided, but one of the best things about Old is how mixed up it is—Brown's past, his present, his deranged side, his reflective side, his party songs and his nightmares. "Problems in my past haunt my future and the present," he moans on "Clean Up". The album is 19 songs, ranging across so much emotional terrain that it almost needs to be tackled in stretches.
Side A contains the heaviest, most harrowing material, but the demons he exorcises there don't stay put. Bad memories pop up everywhere on Old, including the louder, more festival-ready second half. The album's structure pokes at the notion of forward motion: At the end of the first track, an unrelentingly ugly crack-sale reminiscence taking place in an abandoned house in Detroit, A-Trak scratches in a hook from "New Era", a song off of Brown's 2010 release The Hybrid. An incident Brown alluded to on XXX's "Fields"—"mommy gave me food stamps, told me buy some Wonderbread/ On the the way, these niggas jumped me, left with knots in my head"—gets expanded to song-length on "Wonderbread" and then referenced again at the end of the album. The cumulative message is layered: 1) Stop asking for the old Danny Brown, because I've been working double-time trying to escape him, and 2) Stop asking for the old Danny Brown, because he's obviously still here.
There are multiple "old Danny Browns," as well: There's the kid from "Torture", whose mind "ticked off, desensitized to a lot of things" after watching "unk beatin on my auntie" and a fiend "damn near burn his top lip off." There's the crack-dealer, who Brown is similarly eager to dispense with: "This the last time I'mma tell it/ Wanna hear it? Here it go," he says on "Side B," before launching into the details of his old trade. And there's the drug abuser, whom he catalogs unsparingly on "Clean Up", ignoring text messages from his daughter while he gets high in a hotel room.
This is a complicated narrative to keep running but Brown is equal to the task. In his berserk originality, writerly flair, emotional impact, and old-fashioned craft, Danny Brown belongs in any conversation about the best rappers working, and he's at the top of his game here. His rapping is abrasive and visceral, but it's also musical, a quality he doesn't get much credit for because of his vocal tone. Listen to the way he rolls the word sounds "fucked up" and "knuckles" on "Dubstep" off of a perfect little woodpecker-stutter of percussion. Or his subdued performance on "Lonely" featuring a fluid, airy beat by Paul White built from two Morice Benin samples.
The production is richly textured, unlikely, and surprising, solidifying Brown's left-field taste. He bends your ear back rapping over conventionally gritty hip-hop tracks from Oh No and Paul White and tackles a range of things that most rappers would run from, including the Rustie-produced electro-squelch "Way Up Here", a cluttered, frantic beat that feels expressly designed to trip rappers up. Ab-Soul and Brown muscle the octopus-armed thing to the ground. He barks over airhorn-shrill party anthems like "Dip"and "Handstand" and broods conversationally on the Charli XCX-featuring "Float On". Brown has always made a compelling case for being weird, but he's never sounded this realized or confident in his weirdness before.
"Float On", which closes the album, is an "Elevators"-like lope, complete with woodblock knock, that finds Brown clearing away the static and bearing down on the only thing he's certain about: "Nothing else matter except my next rhyme," he murmurs. Remembering a time when he had "music in my heart, but my thoughts wouldn't listen," he prays to get old so that he can "see my influence on this genre of music." It's the humblest and most powerful wish I've heard on a record all year.

丹尼·布朗的XXX是一张概念专辑约绝望,“如果这个狗屎不工作,兄弟们,我失败的人生! ”他就大哭大闹的开场曲。旧是一张概念专辑大约存在混乱。丹尼·布朗没有失败的生活,他是独立的成功,一个狂热的球迷基础的内部和外部说唱。现在,他得到了理清如何最好地继续生活。它可能不会像戏剧主题为燃烧了,但它更多听上去很像我们大多数人,它的也许不是偶然的,它导致了布朗的职业生涯中最好的和最嘹亮的专辑。在编制评论家和球迷,布朗费了九牛二虎之力,警告我们不要指望另一个XXX- “如果人们只是在寻找家伙吸吮笑话,没有太多的人, ”他说在一月份。 “我每天都和思想听了老, ”我需要让这个更有趣, “他告诉干草叉后。当我遇到他在SXSW和自我介绍,他给了我一个古怪的笑容: “我挑战你们大家的未来,”他开玩笑说,看起来有点不安。当然,旧的讽刺,是一个清醒的,测量的,成熟的专辑丹尼·布朗的版本仍然拥有大量的关于吸食碎药丸,扔在酒店洗漱池和吸烟这么多都库什你觉得自己掉落在地上的行。有些事情并没有改变。专辑分为“ A面”和“ B面”,审美奉献的信号丹尼·布朗在音乐迷的奥秘不寻常的投资行为。去年,他的著名讲了一个困惑的A $ AP洛基,他的英雄之一是亚瑟·李讲课他就永远改变的优劣之前。这里的结构表明两个石油气两侧,整齐地划分,但关于老的最好的事情之一是怎么混起来是布朗的过去,他的现在,他疯狂的一面,他反射性的一面,他的党的歌曲和他的梦魇。 “在我过去的问题困扰着我的未来和现在, ”他呻吟的“清理” 。这张专辑19首歌曲,包括横跨这么多情感的地形,它几乎需要在绵延加以解决。 A面包含最重,最悲惨的材料,但他exorcises那里的恶魔不要留在原地。不好的回忆弹出上到处都是旧的,包括更响亮,更节准备下半年。这张专辑的结构戳在向前运动的概念:在第一条轨道,一个无情的丑陋裂纹出售回忆发生在一个废弃的房子在底特律,A牵引控制系统的划痕在一个钩子从“新时代” ,一首歌曲的结尾关闭布朗的2010年发布的混合。事故布朗提到的XXX的“字段” - “妈妈给我粮票,叫我买一些Wonderbread /在途中,这些黑鬼跃升了我,在我的头上留下了疙瘩” ,被扩大到歌曲长度上“ Wonderbread “ ,然后在这张专辑的结尾再次引用。累计消息是分层的: 1)停止要求老丹尼·布朗,因为我一直在努力的双时间试图逃离他,和2)停止要求老丹尼·布朗,因为他显然还在这里。有多个“老丹尼·布朗, ”还有:有从“酷刑” ,他的思想“勾掉,麻木到了很多东西”看“安克beatin我的阿姨”和恶魔“后,孩子已经快烧了他顶光说不练假。 “有裂纹的经销商,谁布朗也同样渴望免除:“这是最后一次我就要告诉它/想听它在这里,它走了, ”他说的“ B面”,推出了他的细节之前,易老。还有的吸毒者,他为之编目毫无保留地对“清理” ,从他的女儿不顾短信,而他得到很高的酒店房间。这是一个复杂的叙事,以保持运行,但布朗等于任务。在他的疯抢原创, writerly风骚,影响情绪,和老式工艺,丹尼·布朗属于有关工作的最佳饶舌歌手的任何谈话,他是在他的巅峰在这里。他的说唱是磨料和内脏,但它也是音乐,有质量,他没有得到,因为他的声音语调多少功劳。听他推出这个词听起来“搞砸了”和“的dubstep ”掀起了完美的小啄木鸟,口吃打击乐的“结点”的方式。还是他的“孤独”制服性能特色流体,通风保罗白击败来自两个莫里斯贝宁样本构建的。生产是纹理丰富的,不可能的,而且令人惊讶,巩固布朗的左外野的味道。他弯曲你的耳朵后面说唱超过传统坚韧不拔的嘻哈曲目哦,不和保罗·怀特和铲球一系列的事情,大多数说唱歌手将从运行,包括RUSTIE生产的电静噪“一路攀升这里” ,凌乱的,疯狂的拍那种感觉明确设计跳闸说唱起来。 AB-灵魂和布朗肌肉章鱼武装的东西在地上。他咆哮过airhorn -刺耳党国歌,如“下降”和“倒立”,并细想交谈中对CHARLI XCX ,具有“漂浮在” 。布朗一直做了一个令人信服的理由是怪异,但他从来没有这听起来变现或相信他的古怪之前。 “浮在”,它关闭的专辑,是一个“电梯”般添砖加瓦,完全与木版敲,即认为布朗扫清静态和轴承下来的唯一的事情他一定的了解: “没别的事,除了我的未来韵, “他喃喃地说。回忆的时候,他有“音乐在我的心脏,但我的想法就是不听, ”他祷告变老,使他可以“看到我对这种风格的音乐的影响力。 ”这是我全年听到一个记录最卑微,最强大的愿望。

曲目  · · · · · ·

Side A (Old)
The Return Ft. Freddie Gibbs
25 Bucks Ft. Purity Ring
Dope Fiend Rental Ft. Schoolboy Q
Clean Up
Red 2 Go
Side B (Dope Song)
Dubstep Ft. Scrufizzer
Smokin & Drinkin
Break It (Go)
Way Up Here Ft. Ab-Soul
Kush Coma Ft. A$ap Rocky & Zelooperz
Float On Ft. Charli XCX

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